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What's in My Trunk? Tack Trunk Tour

You know when you're at someone else's house and you're overcome with the need to snoop? That's how I feel about tack trunks and tack rooms. What do they have? How do they use it? How is it organized? Yes I'm nosy but I also crave inspiration and new ideas!

My students are always curious about what's in my trunk and the items I use for Arli and the rest of the horses, and that got me thinking. I posted a poll on my instagram story to see if there was interest in a tack trunk tour and the overwhelming answer was YES so here we are!

Though I'd absolutely love a beautiful custom tack trunk like those from AeroEquine, I currently have a large work trunk from Husky that works great. It's durable and has a ton of room, which is priority at the moment. One day I'll save up enough for a custom trunk but until then, there is only this monstrosity. I keep it clamped shut at all times to keep out the creepy crawlies (namely mice), and attempt to keep it organized as much as possible!

Separate from my trunk, I have a wooden grooming tote with all of my grooming essentials and a Shapley's bucket full of Arli's extensive array of bath time needs. In my trunk, you'll find the rest.

On the Left Side

First we have Arli's extensive bonnet collection. His horse show bonnets - JustWorld International, Romfh, and Korynn's Custom Bonnets - are in a plastic back to protect them from gunk and his schooling bonnet - the white USG one - is just out and about for everyday use.

I also have a box of my absolute favorite nutrition bars that I keep on hand at all times! Long days at the barn or shows be darned, at least I have a protein bar.

Next are all of Arli's leg care necessities: Incrediwear Equine polo wraps (fav!), Zandonà front and hind open fronts, Kentucky Horseware pastern wraps, and Dover sport boots for flatwork.

We also have Back On Track no-bows and quick wraps (another fav!) for after jumping or for rides in the trailer.

Finally on this side I have some potions: Vetrolin liniment, bit wipes, rubbing alcohol, Equifit max strength Ag Silver wash, and White’n'Bright. Next to these are my two crops: one sparkle star bat and one semi-custom Fleck jumper bat. Under all of this is my box of bits.

In The Middle

In the middle is a tightly squeezed stack of saddle pads - which doesn't even begin to cover the huge number of saddle pads I own. These are the select favorites!

My Nunn Finer no-slip pad is a must-have for my sleek, athletic, and high-withered beast. I've owned it for many many many years and it still looks brand new. 10/10 recommend!

My other pads include Champion pads from HJ Fox, Arli's favorite WEG souvenir, my favorite PRI schooling pad, and some show pads including my new custom Ogilvy baby pad!

In The Tote

What I think is the most interesting collection of stuff I have, the tote is a catch-all for all the tiny must-haves in my trunk. Click through the slider to see close ups of each section! I’ll cover the most important things:

Photo 2: Sterling Essentials leather cleaner, Sergio Grasso boot cleaner, and Parlanti boot cream help to keep my tack and tall boots looking stellar! Tide Stick is an absolute necessity.

Photo 3: Spurs of varying shapes and sizes, hair nets, and Sterling Essentials conditioner. I also have this bluetooth speaker for times when I need to jam. The Bates leather stuff was free at Rolex several years ago and I use it from time to time to give my saddle a little extra stickiness.

Photo 4: This is the equestrian athlete starter pack: deodorant wipes, sunscreen, and Rx strength version of Icyhot. Also a lint roller.

Photo 5: Now for the Arli things. Silly Sounds ear stuffies to mute creepy sounds, elasticon for his constant booboos, Bute for the same reason, Zephyr’s Garden No Fly Zone salve (fav!), and LubriSynHA ointment for - yes - more booboos (also a fav!). I also have Vetripolycin for his eye and a little first aid kit for myself.

Down Below

Finally Arli’s favorite corner of my trunk, the nummies! We have a container of peppermints, a tub of his favorite Paddock Cakes with gummy frogs on top, and some carrot biscottis.

We also have his aftercare bag which includes poultice, brown paper, and disposable gloves. Next to that you’ll find a giant tub of SSD for - you guessed it - the booboos.

Finally I have some show touch up, the best shiny spray, and a lunge line.

I hope you enjoyed snooping in my trunk! Was there anything you were surprised to see? Or not see?

Check out the linked products and be sure to use my code, Maddy4Sterling, for free shipping on Sterling Essentials!

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